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Running Away
Silent path through the deep wood,
Comfort my stride like no other could.
Broken dreams and hopes forlorn;
Put them behind me never to be reborn.

Take me to that quiet place,
Where whimsical thoughts are free to escape.
I'll chase after them one by one,
Until all my worries have come undone.

Let Me Run

A steady pace and a salty face,
Eating carbo gels with a terrible taste.
Listening to MP3s and ignoring sore knees,
Relieving myself behind some trees.

With black toes and a runny nose,
Dreaming of the finish my passion grows.
Chemicals mix and that does the trick,
A runner's high for the final kick.

Pleasure from this pain is hard to explain,
And everyone I know thinks I've gone insane.
Nothing I can say except I must be on my way,
And Lord let me run 'til my dyin' day.

One Thousand

Tears fall as you recall the past,
And I can only pray your sorrow doesn't last.
One thousand voices scream I should hold you.
...Can you hear them?

I want to bring you all that is delightful,
And shield you from those things most frightful.
One thousand rose petals upon which to rest your head.
...Can you smell them?

My heart pounds when you are near,
And I'm losing the control I held so dear.
One thousand fantasies flash before my eyes.
...Can you see them?

For the entire world I am callous and cold,
But for you I wish my feelings to be told.
One thousand words of devotion rest upon my lips.
...Can you taste them?

Autumn Drive
Left, down, turn, and turn,
For an inamorata I sometimes yearn.
O' first glance, what a thrilling time,
Puzzling lady I had wished were mine.  
Piercing eyes that stopped my heart,
But through your lips it fell apart.   

One and one may indeed make two,
But there was little else to be said for you.
Up to my ankles is as far as I went,
Such shallow pools are my eternal lament.

Left, down, turn, and turn,  
It would be much easier if I would only learn.
To close my mouth and do as I am told,
So I will not end up alone when old.   

For a warm embrace you must compromise,  
But squelching my thoughts I truly despise.  
On this lonely path I have always been,  
With bittersweet whimsy my only friend.